Teachers and Counselors

Is Your Student a Good Fit For the AAC?

What’s the right way to study art? There are as many answers to that question as there are students. No two student artists are alike; each has a unique vision and a solitary path.

The Art Academy isn’t right for everyone, but for some it’s a perfect fit. We offer a level of freedom and personalized guidance they won’t find anywhere else, with a unique curriculum and a highly engaged faculty that helps each student find his or her way.

Those who thrive at AAC tend to be independent thinkers; risk takers; students who respond well to challenges and open-ended assignments. If you know of one or more students who might be interested in AAC:

take a look at our curriculum or our course catalog with them

get a sense of who our instructors are and how they teach

review our admissions requirements and deadlines

have a printed catalog sent to your school for students to peruse

call our Admissions Office at (513) 562-8740 and have them visit your school

visit the AAC campus