Focus on you this summer with
The Master of Arts in Art Education Program

The MAAE Program

Low-residency Summer Program to accommodate the schedules of working art/design educators.

3 Summers, 8 Weeks / Summer

Studio-centered curriculum requires 18 credits of studio coursework, 9 credits of Art Education Seminar coursework, and 6 credits of Art History coursework.

Summer studio course options: Drawing & Painting, Photography & Video, Printmaking, Sculpture

Summer 1

Studio elective 3 cr
Studio elective 3 cr
Art Ed. Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Art Ed. 2 cr
Artistic Practice in the Contemporary World 3 cr

Summer 2

Studio elective 3 cr
Studio elective 3 cr
Art Ed. Seminar elective 2 cr
Art Ed. Seminar elective 2 cr


Individual Investigations in Art History 3cr (or Art History elective)

Summer 3

Studio elective 3cr
Studio elective 3 cr
Art Ed. Seminar elective
Portfolio Presentation 1cr

33 Credits

Selected studio and art history requirements may be completed during the Fall and Spring Semesters to lessen the summer load.

Course Descriptions

Who We Are

Working artist/educators who have a passion for studio art.

Art educators who are actively involved in making art, are more engaged teachers. Our goal is to assist our students in the development of a unique, active, and integrated studio practice that may be adapted and sustained throughout their professional lives and beyond. In todayís educational climate, how can we promote and defend the importance of arts education unless we experience it for ourselves? Letís get started!