Careers & Jobs

For-Credit Professional Development
Art Academy of Cincinnati undergraduate programs include:
An optional 3-credit Internship Experience, which allows students to explore various creative pursuits of professional development.  From museums, galleries, design studios, artist studios, local businesses, branding firms, art-supply stores, newspapers, etc., students can either choose to be self-directed in finding their internship or elicit the help of AAC Faculty & Staff.  The selection of an Internship should be based on thoughtful consideration of each student's goals, what the student wants to learn and achieve in a productive and valuable work experience.  The Director of Student Services or other Faculty and Staff help students to identify educationally purposeful yet practical experiences.

An optional 3-credit Life After Art School class offered by the Department of Liberal Arts, which helps students discover and prepare for various career options after their experience at the Art Academy. Non-profit, professional, independent, entrepreneurial, and academic options are explored through speakers, readings, and site visits.

Part-time Jobs and Freelance Work
The Department of Student Services offers on-going assistance to students seeking art-related jobs after graduation, during summer vacations, or on a freelance basis during the semester.  This assistance consists of:

  • Resume & cover letter critiques
  • Discussing pathways students can embark on to find work or become self-employed
  • Notifying the student body when commissions or part-time jobs are communicated to the Art Academy.
  • Job notification to students for work in the AAC galleries, administrative offices, Community Education program, labs and workshops.

Work Study
The Art Academy employs students through the Federal Work Study Program. On-campus jobs are paid the federal or state minimum wage with payroll deposits processed every two weeks. To be considered for Federal Work Study a student must submit the FAFSA and be eligible. To apply for a position please see the Registrar at (513) 562-8749 or